OntarioNet, together with Inyo Networks, has developed a new broadband approach for innovative access to your Gigabit future.




Fiber is a proven broadband infrastructure connecting fiber-optic cables to individual residences and businesses. Fiber-optics based systems can deliver a multitude of digital information more efficiently than traditional copper and coaxial cable.


The demand for better and faster connectivity is one of the main reasons service providers and consumers are requesting fiber network connections as a preferred solution. OntarioNet’s active fiber solution provides the best quality, fastest symetrical connection speeds, and highest carrying capacity compared to passive fiber legacy technologies, such as copper, DSL, and coaxial cables.


Fiber-optic based broadband service is key in attracting, retaining and propelling businesses into the 21st century.  OntarioNet is not only economically beneficial, it also supplies the broadband service capacity to adapt and grow with property owners and its tenants.

Fiber-optic ready properties offer a platform for organizations to operate at a high-level of productivity without sacrificing the quality of service. Robust fiber networks connect people with opportunities, and move our economy at the speed of life.

OntarioNet understands the importance of advance telecommunications infrastructure to the local economy and is ready to provide world-class technology options for businesses in the city.


Don’t get left behind. Let OntarioNet be a partner in your success!

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